Doctor settings


  • Go to the pause menu by pressing the pause button at the bottom left of the screen
  • Then press the Doctor login button
  • Enter the doctor’s password. If the password is unknown, contact the Wind Tales team.
  • the following menu will be displayed


Lung related settings (red)

Via the GLI calculation an expected long volume in, out, peak flow and FVC are filled in. These values are used by the game as the ultimate target value that the player should meet after about 6 to 8 weeks. However, there is a big chance that these goals will not be achieved. That’s okay. The player starts much lighter than these calculated GLI values.

Manually overwriting the lung settings

It is possible to override these GLI calculated values. Enter new values ​​via the different fields.

Breathing in required

Automatic (checkbox on)

This is the setting that the game is set to standard. It monitors whether the player successfully fills the shake game in the kitchen. This is related to breahting in. As long as that doesn’t happen, it will be turned off in the rest of the game. However, if the kitchen game succeeds, it will be turned on in the rest of the game. (the assumption is made that the player understands it and therefore can do it in other places as well).

ON (Checkbox off)

in this setting, breathing is always required during every game. This setting is useful when the player needs to train inhalation specifically.

OFF (Checkbox off)

Because some young players have difficulty learning how to inhale on command, there is a possibility to turn it off. As a result, inhalation is turned off at parts of the mini-games . An exception to this is the shake making game in the kitchen. This is mandatory as part of the tutorial and the learning process. The player can try to drink the shake for 30 seconds before the game continues.


The progression of the levels (blue)

When a player reaches a next level, the game becomes a bit harder for the player. in the example above this happens at level 4, 8, 12, 16 and 20. when the player reaches level 4, 44% of the GLI calculation must be blown. at level 8, 58% of the GLI etc etc.

Setting the amount of progression levels

It is possible to manually set how many progression levels there are by setting the max level (default 20) higher or lower, and fewer or more steps can be added to the level progression.

Changing the progression sliders

By moving the sliders,  changes can be made between the percentage of the progression levels. For example, smaller percentages can be chosen the higher a player gets, for instance to prevent a player from hitting a wall at a certain level. A linear design has been chosen as standard. There is the possibility for example to turn it into a curve.


The ‘cooldown’ time is the number of hours that a player must wait after a play session is completed (sparky is tired and goes to sleep). This is done per hour and is set to 4 hours by default. After 4 hours the game becomes active again. (The sun comes up and sparky will wake up and is ready to play again)

Skip night

At the top of the interface there is a button called “Skip Night”, which allows to bypass the waiting time once.