Parent Settings


  • Go to the pause menu by pressing the pause button at the bottom left of the screen.

  • Then press the Parent login button

  • Enter the password set, if no password has been set manually, type oud3r as the password.

  • the following menu will be displayed


Make it more easy

If the player has a bad day, for example due to a cold or because of tiredness, it is possible to reduce the difficulty. When a parent observes that a player has difficulty playing different levels, it is possible for the parent to reduce the difficulty level. In the drop down menu there is a choice of Easy and Extra Easy, depending on how weak the player feels. The game returns the player to a lower level depending on the choice, which means that less practice is required. Because the player then makes progress again, he / she eventually returns to her old level.

make it more difficult

When a parent observes that the player finds the game too easy, for example and the player shows a lot of overcapacity when breathing in and out during gameplay, there is the possibility of making the game more difficult. There is a choice of more difficult and extra difficult depending on how good the player is. The game takes the player to a higher level depending on the choice, which means that extra practice is needed to reach the mini games.


Automatic (checkbox on)

This is the setting that the game is set to standard. It monitors whether the player successfully fills the shake game in the kitchen. as long as that doesn’t happen, it will be turned off in the rest of the game. However, if the kitchen game succeeds, it will be turned on in the rest of the game. (the assumption is made that the player understands it and therefore can do it in other places as well).

ON (Checkbox off)

in this setting, breathing is always required during every game. This setting is useful when the player needs to train inhalation specifically.

Off (Checkbox off)

Because some young players have difficulty learning how to inhale on command, there is a possibility to turn it off. As a result, inhalation is turned off at parts of the mini-games . An exception to this is the shake making game in the kitchen. This is mandatory as part of the tutorial and the learning process. The player can try to drink the shake for 30 seconds before the game continues.


Edit Child Account.

Via this button it is possible to adjust specific account details.

Because the game uses GLI calculations, it is important when the game is used for a longer period of time to keep these settings, so that the long calculation corresponds to the relevant player.

the settings to be adjusted are:

  • change Password
  • Change length
  • add email. (these emails are not being used at this time)
  • Press recalculated values ​​to adjust them immediately
  • Then press save

Change password

Via this button it is possible to change or set the parent password to access this menu.